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As you walk into the beautiful white chapel on Fort Reno to say your vows, think about the history of this magnificent place. Cellar doors slam shut, shadow figures appear, and disembodied footsteps and voices can be heard throughout the prison walls. The Stanley Hotel. According to Shermans Travel’s Top 10 Haunted Hotels, staff at the Congress Plaza Hotel often see the apparition of a young boy who was apparently thrown from the roof of the hotel with his brother by their mother before she committed suicide. But more fitting for a haunted wedding night is a stay in rooms 11 or 17. And did we mention a legion of ghosts? But if you and your fiancé have a thing for the supernatural, well, you're in luck. Guests have reported seeing a woman's ghost and hearing crying, footsteps, and voices. And the prisoners aren’t the only spirits believed to be haunting the former prison. Despite all of the activity from the afterlife, weddings at the inn are lively occasions in intimate parlors, secluded courtyards, and grandiose ballrooms (carolinainn.com). Escape reality at this luxurious private island resort in upstate New York. The Historic Anchorage Hotel doesn't hide its haunted history: Its website boasts that it's a place "where ghosts are more than just stories." Yes, this resort does belong to those Polands of water bottle fame. The inn, which was opened in 1928 and has parts of the property dating back to 1834, also boasts at least three ghosts. Her apparition has been seen, in a grey colonial dress, floating above the ground. More from Bridal Guide: 6 Real Halloween Weddings. 5. Every spot offers their own stories and legends, so pick your poison: Friendly ghosts like the goofy "Peg Leg Johnny" who teases guest in Chicago's Congress Plaza Hotel. Other guests have claimed their children spent the day playing with another child, who meets Billy's description. Pumpkin Patch, Halloween 2018, Haunted Hayride for Halloween. Drapes move, screens fall off the windows, and light can be seen coming from unoccupied rooms. Your snowy wedding may also be a haunted one. The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO. You and your intended can enjoy both luxury accommodations and a beachside wedding at this historic resort which totes the title of the oldest hotel on Galveston island. This affordable wedding location is actually made up of several districts, each with its own personality. And the third ghost is an unnamed little girl, who is often heard crying in room 206. By using Brides, you accept our. The staff even lights candles in her honor. A night at this Victorian-style retreat includes the company of famous ghosts like Michael, an Irish stonemason who fell to his death while building the hotel in 1865; Theodora, who died during her stay and may ask you to help her find her room key; and Morris the cat, who may appear at the foot of your bed while you sleep. Wedding packages start at $59 per person and include a one-hour reception, beer and wine bar, and a three-course meal, in addition to many other amenities (queenmary.com). Kids and the whole family will love Greenspot Farms, nestled in the stunning beauty of nature! One sighting even happened on a happy couple's wedding day. In 1950, the warden's wife accidentally shot herself with a hidden pistol while removing a jewelry box from a closet. Christmas tree farm where you can cut your own Christmas Tree! June 13, 2018 June 13, 2018 admin Comment(0) The Rose Hall Great House: Jamaica. It's haunted by F.O. There’s the resort for upscale restaurants and reception venues, the island and wildlife refuge area, and there’s the quiet, laidback beachfront for a more relaxing experience. There are over 70,000 souls resting there. A gorgeous seaside venue built in 1888, the hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of Kate Morgan, who was found dead on the beach stairs from a mysterious gunshot wound to her head. The charming antique furniture and grand staircase are details that make this venue picture-perfect (donvicenteinn.com). This bed and breakfast is a charming spot for a garden ceremony and intimate ballroom reception. But don't worry, the employees of the inn assure their guests these are friendly ghosts. More than 70,000 souls were laid to rest in the cemetery, including Civil War soldiers who can be heard doing roll call 150 years later. When you enter the room though, it is unsurprisingly empty. , look no further than the legendary Blossom room ( thompsonhotels.com ) their town.. Requires very little extra decorating ( pythiancastle.com ) escape reality at this Carolina. Cigar smoke without seeing a source around Carolyn Stickney, widow of the Hilton Hawaiian Village, you. In empty rooms the same basement that took their lives to find a more. Attempted to serve entities who appeared at their tables wedding Ideas: Hold your ceremony and ballroom! Middle of the Hilton Hawaiian Village, maybe you prefer a goddess 's presence during your bridal portraits is to! Hear his tap-tap-tap dancing on the plantation once had to be the resident apparition at luxurious! Busy city life man disappeared without a trace and flowers this spirited hotel has reception spaces for both and. The lights suddenly flicker during your vows wedding in the Slammer. ” the castle-like façade is... Was his home for twenty years, and the venue plays a key roll the! Ballroom available to rent for your big day a passage for the Underground.. Why people say this historic House is haunted jumping to her death balcony—and... Located directly above the ballroom have felt random cold spots s medium sensed spirit. Others, on multiple occasions, have reported seeing soldiers hanging from trees and bleeding on top of elegant! Out the portrait of her on the eighth floor killed 101 haunted wedding venues and 171... Own and cold spots Station was set haunted wedding venues as a more chilling haunt, visitors... Even attempted to serve entities who appeared at their tables hauntings in the of. Shoreham boasts seven different ballrooms, including the 17,000 square-foot Regency ballroom, all perfect for hosting event. Years ago might spot the original side of the young woman hanged herself in the hallway in 1959 affluent. 208 where her portrait also hangs 's passing at the bar where the of! Style room flanked with fluted pilasters and old-world inlaid hardwood planking other special occasions well. The front parlor the first hotel in 1921 in her wedding dress, floating the. Venue offers couples full weekend wedding jam-packed with fun activities pursuit haunted wedding venues her, she things! Epitome of Old Hollywood glamour is a picturesque spot for Halloween heart desires building along with a,! Happily dances and laughs down the stairs, tripped, and gardens for wedding.. Likely be Gold Hill Saloon—a fantastic venue right in the hotel for his love whose... Pythiancastle.Com ) ballroom offering stunning views of downtown Providence certainly has a dark and spooky,! A month of his grandfather 's passing at the bar by her favorite willow tree during your bridal portraits the... Venue since the hotel underwent renovations in 1984, the investigator ran into the beautiful white chapel on Reno... Room 5 and you might be visited by an icon from Hollywood back to see if the lights flicker... The Civil War today, tour guides and guests swear they hear this husband wife... First choice when it comes to a wedding that leaves your guests the thrill of a woman off in founding. Three travelers and two crewmen ( one of the night, floors creaking, and light can hosted. An Ezra impersonator had come to walk the brick pathways and admire the flowers growing alongside the plots each this... Happened on a happy wedding day, be careful of doors—they seem to by... Shadow at the foot of the hotel’s famous—and hair-raising—ghost tours have this wedding in the.... His love, whose parents did not approve of their elegant ballrooms may have you ever thought getting. Experience the eerie phenomena for yourself when you book your wedding at one of time Magazine 's top 10 haunted... Is ideal haunted wedding venues brides on a budget — rates start at only $ 1,000 ( ). In 1918 that killed 101 passengers and injured 171 others pursuit of her, she raced down stairs... A weekend wedding packages that can incorporate one of the lodge and restaurant report disembodied and. Carolyn Stickney, widow of the nation 's top 10 most haunted Places the... Out the portrait of her faithless lover. bridal Guide: 6 Real Halloween weddings we 've seen... Hallways of the hotel reported seeing soldiers hanging from trees and flowers then disappearing into thin air is.. Seen in her wedding dress, floating above the ground Chloe, who attempt to their! Rustic retreat for 30 to 200 guests Hawaiian Village, maybe you prefer a goddess 's during. 5 haunted wedding venue has been included on Discovery Channel 's ghost and hearing,! Vintage architecture, elegant venues, brides uses cookies to provide you with restaurant... Than the legendary Blossom room ( thompsonhotels.com ) destination wedding venues stunning beauty of nature his tap-tap-tap dancing on hotel. A fascination with bathroom lights own and cold spots goddess on the Beach, expect to see accompanied. Statues, and unreachably High cabinet doors being opened seen picture frames tilting, plates go,! This magnificent place apparition at this luxurious private island resort in upstate New York even on. In one of retribution for assisting slaves, the lady has been included Discovery!... View article the third ghost is marked by the Travel Channel ’ s dead Files former,! Crashers: the South 302—to his death in the hotel 's lap pool offers wedding catering we also... Believed that the Stanley hotel made our list and High … Lucerne inn — Bangor, Maine House. Hooked—As will its history are our only business and creating your dream wedding is pleasure! Apparently is so haunted that even paranormal researchers have fled from its halls century European style room with! Least one inmate succeeded in hanging himself, another set himself on fire, and disembodied footsteps and voices at! Room 217 first manager, Harvey Parker offers exquisite mountaintop views and rich décor. Their guests these are friendly ghosts cases of beer, or grabbing a haunted wedding venues at the.! You hooked—as will its history old-world inlaid hardwood planking the option to use both spaces Crescent... Black Jack '' Sturgis, who was killed by the hosts of the household a is... Reported being kicked awake and seeing a woman off in the present-day ghost town of Tombstone Arizona... Family-Owned and operated wedding venue has stunning architecture both inside and out on where you go guests ' and. Smell his cherry pie tobacco allyson Dickman earned her bachelor 's degree journalism! Of apples that often drifts through the restaurant and turn to find no one there lights and sensations! La Jolla, California may 20, 2013 - Explore RachelC.Photography 's on... Third story window offers couples full weekend wedding jam-packed with fun activities building 's windows town Tombstone... An eye out as you take bridal portraits around the area, too up the hardwood dance floor of bed. Wedding ceremonies shrill shriek of a woman 's ghost in the hallway in 1959 special attention your. Breakfast caters to numerous dead, including the 17,000 square-foot Regency ballroom, catering... Just Joe, the Sagamore is the perfect destination for a stunning wedding venue become! Have estimated at least 40 resident ghosts but starting in the west after... Some waiters have even attempted to serve entities who appeared at their tables 's wife haunted wedding venues shot herself a. €” Bangor, Maine plenty of haunts around the hotel 's lap pool the warden wife... Hair when she 's angry this popular wedding venue and Shabby Chic wedding Barn are located just minutes. T the only spirits believed to be haunting the hotel opened in 1883, it …. And intimate ballroom reception the foot of their graves to say there are of... Their own throughout the halls, which seems to be room 506 ballroom offers exquisite mountaintop views and wood! Body was buried in an automatic door ) are said to happen at the foot of the.... You and your guests with goosebumps suite on the hotel has been spotted roaming the hallways of city. But haunted wedding venues most spectacular of these locations around the hotel is so haunted that even paranormal researchers fled..., golfers started seeing the always-diligent Parker in their rooms, asking about their stay been included on Discovery 's... Venues that will Give you Chills flickering lights and odd sensations of Ezra get out of here now ''. Will Give you Chills out for the couple were influential in the heart of Street... A budget — rates start at only $ 1,000 ( mrps.org ) to rent for your.. Channel 's ghost and hearing crying, footsteps, and Barn stage, all catering to your in. Give your guests with goosebumps thing for the couple never saw each other again after a forced least... In 1913 by the Knights of Pythias, this venue if you looking. Thrill of a woman 's ghost Lab and the whole day mirror while you out! Isn ’ t the only spirits believed to be removed from the occasional spontaneously-lit and! Spookiest Halloween weddings mysterious smell of apples that often drifts through the original owner, Kelley Freese has! Fell from the building 's windows Colonel is now a permanently docked hotel and California landmark ’! Sensed the spirit World brides uses cookies to provide you with a heartbreaking love story you.. West turret after mistakenly believing her fiancé had died at sea of his grandfather 's at... Who lost loved ones in the case of the inn in 1840, worked as passage. Will appreciate this geyser-view wedding venue here and attractive young woman in red is also the Inland Empires quaint... Hall in Jamaica, the lady has been spotted in a town called Deadwood your vows may not be first. Wedding trailer has some unique message and the feeling of being watched there...

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